Sneak Preview: Neurocam Spring Promotional Range

Available September 2005*

The Neurotoaster

The Neurotoilet

The Neurophone
(also available in contemporary pushbutton model)

The Neurodog

The Limited Edition NeuroiPod Mini (first 100 units personally autographed by the Chief Executive Officer)

*NB: not really


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11 Responses to Sneak Preview: Neurocam Spring Promotional Range

  1. “*NB: not really”
    Jesus Teigan, I was THIS close to ordering a neurodog. Why would you play with my like that?
    p.s. Does Bulat mean anything or is it just your name?

  2. I have to stop writing “my” instead of “me”.
    Almost as much as i need to spot ending nearly all my sentences with a question mark?

  3. Pulat is my operative name.

  4. I know I just wondered what it meant.

  5. lady j

    What, no Neurodildo?
    Maybe you should bring in CP as consultant on the “Adult” collection.
    (Special members-only service: Neurobail)

  6. My goodness, I have the same toaster in the non-promotional model.
    Oh, and you do know that the phone number is visible on the neurophone, don’t you? I wonder who would answer if I rang?

  7. Mr Tenex – see here
    Lady J – thanks for your suggestion! We’ll take it into account when preparing the Summer collection.
    I see Constance is whingeing about a lack of comments. That’ll teach her to estrange me. Dirty little slut.
    AG – You are indeed blessed with good fortune, for we can offer you an upgrade to the neurotoaster for a bargain price! Call today!
    The phone number, of course, is not real.

  8. Shucks, Midnight.
    Well, you wouldn’t be the only one.

  9. Hah, just giving you a hard time. But seriously, don’t you think you’re pushing the envelope just a little too much?

  10. Well, if there’s anyone (left) at Cam HQ who feels like telling me to take it down, I’ll comply happily enough.
    But no, not really.

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