I’m Not The Architect Of Neurocam: Robin Hely

Robin Hely‘s comment is acknowledged.

UPDATE: American Guy points out that Hely’s bio on the Conical site has changed.


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8 Responses to I’m Not The Architect Of Neurocam: Robin Hely

  1. Hey, an e-mail address on robinhely.com, i assume that’s what you’re getting at. I just have to write something to him…

  2. That, and that he left a message on an earlier post denying that he is behind the Neurocam we speak of.

  3. Ah – that could have been anyone though, right?

  4. No, I responded to him via email and heard back.

  5. plus he’s subtly changed the info on the conical site…

  6. Well… there you go. Who’s up for Volleyball?

  7. Nah, volleyball is for girls. I think we should have a battle royale on an island with Beltaine and Chris Titan as the prey.

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