Report On The Shadow Industry

by Peter Carey

From “Collected Stories“, 1994, University of Queensland Press.

Reproduced without permission

  • as a text file here
  • read aloud here (1.2 Mb mp3).


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7 Responses to Report On The Shadow Industry

  1. iiieee! I love that book! One of my absolute favorites. I love the story about the mime… 😀

  2. That’s a good ‘un. Or the one about the unicorns. They’re all good really. I was going to post the one about cartographers and the world becoming less real because nobody loves it, but it was too long.

  3. Baudrillard might have something to say about the world becoming less real.

  4. Mmmm.. post-modern theory…

  5. That was long… But good none the less…
    Everybody should have this book.
    I like the cover. Is pretty.

  6. The one with the butterflies?

  7. yep. the one with the butterflies

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