Search Hit Of The Week

irresponsible whack “american psychiatric association”

Go off your meds, kids.

(and omg – update – happy birthday, toots!)


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6 Responses to Search Hit Of The Week

  1. happy birthday to amy
    happy birthday to amy
    happy birthday ms lee-ee
    we love you
    we do

  2. A G

    You inspired me – i just checked my logs and someone found me by searching “shirley strachan vegemite”
    Why? Why?

  3. jo

    Ha! Fucking awesome!
    Funniest faux-academic site ever!
    both whack and irresponsible. God I hate people.

  4. teigan

    >”shirley strachan vegemite”
    >Why? Why?
    Coz they’re both Australian Icons… er… like you!
    Comedy gold
    Like yourself, my original plan was to pick out my favourite lines, but I just can’t choose
    Life’s too short to waste on people, who are fuckhead idiots

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