~‘s Mother Bought A Cow

So now our freezer is full of frozen cow.

Freezer full of cow

She also gave us some duck eggs.

Duck eggs

I boiled one and had it for breakfast.

Boiled duck egg

It was well tasty.


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7 Responses to ~‘s Mother Bought A Cow

  1. “Our freezer is full of frozen cow.”
    Words to live by.
    Isn’t everyones freezer really full of frozen cow?

  2. teigan

    In a sense, in a sense
    But not necessarily in the sense of ‘filled with enough frozen cow meat to feed everyone until Christmas, like ours is (see illustrative picture)’
    People keep all manner of things in their freezers

  3. “People keep all manner of things in their freezers”
    I told you that in confidence…

  4. teigan

    Hey, I didn’t say nothin’ about nothin’!
    I was just talkin’, yo

  5. wortwut

    Until Christmas? Dude, that’s enough red meat to last you until NEXT Christmas …

  6. teigan

    At the rate we are going it will probably last us until the end of the month.

  7. teigan

    We need to eat more red meat than normal people, because we are vampires

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