Fuck Yiz All


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8 Responses to Fuck Yiz All

  1. Smell

    drunked much?!?
    Classy my friend….classy
    And those who did not first hand experience such elegance, missed out big. Many thanks for an ace nite.

  2. That learned us real good

  3. teigan

    Smell – and to you, ami, and to you
    Semi – oh, we weren’t talking about you.. sheesh, paranoid much etc..
    Missing out on such an ace nite is punishment enough for your pikery crimes

  4. jo

    Yeah Semi… they were totally talking about me… ; P

  5. teigan

    It’s true.

  6. teigan

    (Only coz you never commented on the party post, mind)
    Fuck yiz all.

  7. jo

    I only comment sporadically.
    Most of my comments come out awkward so I avoid them.

  8. teigan

    Hey, who needs banter when you have a skirt like that

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