Bonnie & Clyde

This morning I cannot stop playing the cover of Serge Gainsbourg’s Bonnie and Clyde by Boyd Rice and Giddle Partridge which is currently available as a stream from their joint MySpace page.

Go and listen to it! It’s great.

The first bit is, anyway. Unfortunately it fades out after two minutes.

I wish they’d hurry up and finish their album. I will buy it if I have to.

Letter to Boyd Rice


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  1. j

    What advice, if any, can you give to people who’d seek to do the same?
    Well, here’s one artist’s answer…

  2. teigan

    I enjoyed this article – but the closest it comes to really addressing my question is the part about:
    “When I make a show it’s like when you arrive at home and you open your fridge at night and there’s two potatoes and one sausage and two eggs, and with all that you make something to eat. I try to make something with what is in my ‘fridge’.’”
    Which would suggest that the contents of his metaphorical fridge are keeping his literal fridge in business also.
    You know, how nice for him..

  3. wortwut

    really, Boltanski makes me want to puke with his pretentious blah-blah-blah.
    It’s true that he never works – people who try to get into his class at the Beaux-Arts find themselves faced with a locked door; he never shows up.
    That doesn’t make him pretentious though. Him and his arty-indifference-rhetoric. Boo!
    That’s my two cents and I’m sticking with it.

  4. teigan

    >Him and his arty-indifference-rhetoric. Boo!
    “But for me I want to do nothing, to have no distraction.”
    I think I get that. Talking about it in such a manner will get you called you pretentious, though.
    Thing is, the world basically doesn’t want you to be an artist. People want you to be engaged with them. ‘Society’ wants you to be a ‘useful’ or at least integrated member of ‘society’ etc. You have to defend your fridge etc, otherwise every fucker will try to fill it with their crap
    >people who try to get into his class at the Beaux-Arts find
    >themselves faced with a locked door; he never shows up.
    “I occasionally have this dream that I am a teacher, but I am a bad teacher and I don’t go to my school very often!”
    Heh, he’s making dreams come true..
    Holding classes and never showing up is just rude. But if he can get away with it, that’s also kind of cool. Ah wreckon.

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