H Is For House

Moved into my sister’s place this arvo. It’s great here. I feel like I’m on holidays.

Pretty much everything I have to say today I’ve already said in a comment at Desci’s.

She’s wonderful.

Oh, and Melbourne operative Rorschach has delivered on the nekkid dog pics, and earned his pimp. Check out his blog, it’s not half bad at all.

Finally, as spotted by Tript “don’t call me Tript, it’s weird” Tript, Neurocam.com has changed. Those without freakishly wide screens will want to grab the black bar at the top and scroll along to the right.

The beloved disclaimer screed is gone, replaced by the single phrase “Neurocam is not what you expect.”

How do they know?


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7 Responses to H Is For House

  1. Desci

    Naaaw, I’m snotty and fluey, but now I feel all sunshiney and special. xoxo

  2. It’s good to feel special. Which is why I don’t understand why you’d rather be called ‘Steven’.
    I am actually seriously considering changing my name to Teigan by deed poll. Although my real name is pretty weird too.

  3. The first few times I read this blog I thought you were female. Sorry. This shows what a nerd I am- Teegan (correct speling) was the name of one of Dr. Who’s female companions which is why I thought you might have been also. So just be careful if you go change your name. If it is any consolation I actually do have a girls’ name 😉

  4. >The first few times I read this blog I thought you were female
    It is said that you’re not the only one – *glances with considerable amusement at Tript* – Wish I was sometimes. Girls are so much cooler than boys it isn’t even funny. In any case I think it’s a real gyp that under normal circumstances one has to live out one’s entire life as a single gender. I’ve written a number of letters to various authorities on the matter but alas I’ve yet to see any action on the issue.
    I’m familar with the Dr. Who companion, although my handle is actually taken from the name of a very minor character in a movie called Drowning By Numbers, as referred to in the immortal line “Smut, go and give Gregory and Teigan some tea.”
    “What about the sheep?”
    “Oh, they need to be thirsty to be useful. Why do I have to come and see Jake? Is he dead?”
    “Good lord, how did you know?”
    “I didn’t. I feel ill.”
    “It’s those mushrooms!”
    “I’ve got to lie down..”
    Never mind.

  5. I have seen it though moons ago. I once went through a real Greenaway phase and then, one day it inexplicably stopped. I can’t watch his movies anymore.
    And uh…that was meant to be “correct spelling” No irony intended.

  6. His latter works have been pretty dire. I haven’t seen the Tulse Luper ones. I don’t think they’ve come out here in any form.

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