Birthday Party

Friday 17th September.

It started out as the intended convivial quiet gathering.

Convivial quiet gathering

Toots (and Gem) made me cupcakes

Suffering some uncertainty as to whether I was being terribly rude – but hey, it was my birthday, and moreover Luke forced my hand. As in literally picked me up and carried me out the door – I abandoned said gathering temporarily to go see these people play a venue down the road with a roomful of balloons at around 11pm.

(Due to a combination of behind-scheduleness and licensing restrictions, they very nearly didn’t. But in the end they beat the odds – and the law – and totally did.)

Keith! Party

Then, with a few new guests in tow, we returned to CH an hour and a bit later to find the former quiet gathering had unexpectedly hit critical mass in our absence and was comprehensively going OFF. Omg!

This pic represents the otherwise undocumented period after K!P when everything unanticipatedly went crazy awesome

The universe, in effect, threw me a bitchin surprise party.

Mr Daniel totally made me a cake also

Big thanks to everybody who conspired with the universe to make it such a happy one.


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2 Responses to Birthday Party

  1. Happy B’day. Orsum looking radioactive cup cake!!

  2. Luke

    It was a bad ass night

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