Night Before Luke’s SRC Farewell @ CH

Thursday 25th March.

With, y’know, Luke. Also starring Grimsey.

Some might argue that this audio is overlong and kind of banal in parts. I suspect even Tenex won’t make it to the end this time. But I like it.


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4 Responses to Night Before Luke’s SRC Farewell @ CH

  1. Tenex

    That sounds like a challenge

  2. “The weak-minded reader might interpret the preceding statement as a dare and accordingly be motivated to read on. Good; that’s what we want.
    Alternately, you might see through this transparent challenge, resent being told what to do (as you should), and throw this book away before wasting any more of your time and/or money. Good; that’s what we want.
    If you do opt to continue, the words ‘double bind’ might come to mind from time to time.”
    – Christopher S. Hyatt, The Psychopath’s Bible

  3. Adam

    Trysting Fields is mind control.

  4. Everything is mind control. Hey, relax buddy etc

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