Just, Wow

Whole calendar month without a new post. This has never happened before in the entire history of TF.

The reason it’s occurred is that:

  • I recorded some audio of Liv drunkenly abusing Henley at my birthday party, which I didn’t want to listen to for fear it’d be excrutiatingly embarrassing.

  • Subsequently-captured media started to pile up behind it.

  • The whole thing became a procrastination bomb of horror proportions.

The stupidest part is I already know I can’t actually use the aforementioned audio anyway, coz L has – not unreasonably – vetoed this.

Then I got distracted preparing for art school interviewage, which finished today. (Went well; we’re happy.)

But now there’s no excuse. We’re gonna grind through it this week, before CH Dinner Party II on Friday night.

Please stay tuned.

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