In Cyclical Terms, Right (Redux)

Went under: May ’06.

Came up: July/August ’06 (thanks, cactus).

Went under: April ’07.

Came up: August/September/October ’07 (protracted ascention courtesy of Ms J Hawthorne).

Went under: November ’08.

I don’t know where we are right now, which means we’re still basically down. Life is BLAH. But we’re a hell of a fuckload better than we were in JanuaryFebruary (shudder). Progress occurs.

I’ve – yeah – never talked directly about this stuff here much in the past. (Edit: except at the very beginning, I guess.) I don’t know why I am now, or if it’s sensible. Talking about badness just feeds into it.

And insofar as I use my blog as a kind of metaprogramming tool, being too explicit generally isn’t productive. Sleight of mind, dude. Ever heard of it?

Teigan’s ego is addicted to saying too much.

I just got nothin’ else to talk about RN. The only thing I really care about is getting out of this $%# hole.

Which is kind of the problem.

FFS stop digging and chill the fuck out, man.

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  1. Sally

    talking about things is good if you are acknowledging something so you can kick the shit out of it and move on. wallowing is bad.

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