Sunday Afternoon

Feet on the porch at CH, Sunday afternoon


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4 Responses to Sunday Afternoon

  1. The DOg

    Teigan is a dog-raping cunt

  2. Teigan

    LFN! As if you weren’t gagging for it.

  3. Dog

    You admit to being a rapist and a dog-fucker and a cunt?

  4. Some random dog-raping cunt

    Only insofar as everyone is, in some sense or other, recognisable as being these things.
    Who hasn’t fucked the odd dog on occasion? Come on, be honest. And how can one ever be 100% certain of the dog’s consent?
    What do we really mean by the expression “dog-raping cunt”, anyway?
    Who are you?
    Who are you, really?
    Who are any of us, really?
    Et cetera.

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