Random Photo Post Made From My Phone While Waiting For A Tram

Coz I can.

I reposted it subsequently from my computer coz the Typepad iPhone app cropped it into a square


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11 Responses to Random Photo Post Made From My Phone While Waiting For A Tram

  1. ~

    You’re post looked liek it needed a comment.
    “Into the Flood Again … Same Old Trip it was Back Then”
    P.S. Вот уроды…

  2. ADamm

    I enjoy the secret writing.

  3. aaddaamm

    secret fucking writing

  4. teigan

    I enjoy the secret writing.

  5. teigan

    For all the good it does me when I’ve gone mental
    la la la la laaaa

  6. ~

    Hey, if you get a chance read spook country.
    “Definition by Absence/addsense”

  7. AG

    It’s funny. I still remember how to read russian (having studied it at uni)but have completely lost my vocabulary. So instead, let me hijack this thread for mine own selfish purposes with the following cut and paste job i’ve been spreading around:
    In other news: no one reads my blog any more. Whine, whine, whine. Complain, complain. Shameless plea, shameless plea.

  8. ~

    Here @ existential risk management, is ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWA! but both are good 😉

  9. Jay

    wooosh woosh woosh woosh.

  10. 511 N3V4R F4G3T!
    (Even robots get the blues)

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