Battle Fatigue

It’s been a good winter on Planet T.

It’s sure as hell ripped off the head and shat down the neck of the previous one, which nearly killed me. (No, really.) We’re Learning To Do Winter, apparently. Hooray for that.

But I’m ready for it to be over now.


UPDATE (Friday): You are not listening to me, weather.


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7 Responses to Battle Fatigue

  1. Gab

    Hooray for this! But I am dreading the coming of summer and may well buy a portable air conditioner for my bedroom. Screw fans; they Do Not Work.
    Expect me to be annoying you with requests to crash at your place 😛

  2. teigan

    Eh? We have summer in Fitzroy too, y’know.
    And be well advised: bubble-bursting anti-summer sentiment will not be welcomed at CH.
    Frikken bring it on, I says.

  3. Gab

    You also have insulation *and* what I am guessing is double brick 🙂 Far superior to CdA!
    I hope to get you in the water this summer.

  4. Gab

    That wasn’t a threat!

  5. wortwut

    you have watched a LOT of movies in the last couple of weeks.

  6. teigan

    I have! It’s good.

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