It’s Time For Another New Post

That happened fast.

Here is a picture of the ink cart I bought on the way to work this afternoon:
Ink cart

Here are some doodles I did once I got there:
Doodle A

Doodle B

Here is a picture of ~‘s stuff in the hall, just before we moved it all out earlier this evening:
Jaye's stuff

Here is the schedule of cleaning I am going to do over the next week or so month:
Cleaning Plan

Here is a picture of the stirfry I made for dinner:
Stir fry

Here is a picture of Nada the no-longer-a-kitten-not-yet-a-cat’s dinner:
Nada's dinner

Here is a picture of some washing I just hung up:

Here is a picture of the bed I am going to now, that perhaps I may dream of posts more interesting than this one:

Good night.


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4 Responses to It’s Time For Another New Post

  1. AG

    every room needs a sweep and a mop, yet sometimes they’re combined and sometimes they are seperate items.
    Surely there is some deep underlying meaning to this.

  2. No doubt.
    In hindsight I think they’re combined in the lists for bigger rooms to make those lists seem smaller and less onerous, and separate in the smaller/easier rooms to make those lists seem more broken down, and less onerous. But that was totally, like, unconscious and shit.
    What I want to know is why I always seem so compelled to blog about the fascinating subject of cleaning in the first place.

  3. As the world will end You’ll have your sweet revenge

  4. Cleaning is recognisable as a symbolic ritual enactment of the apocalypse. Thank you.

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