More Kitty Pics

As requested.

Nada Zero, aged 4 months

She’s four months old now.

Nada hiding in desk cupboard

She’s grown quite a blt – although according to the vet who vaccinated her two weeks ago, she’s surprisingly small for her age.

Nada hiding in laundry

She still likes hiding (if thankfully not quite as much as before). And she’s still very lovely.

Nada hiding behind tree

Possibly better pics TK once I regain my proper camera (currently being fixed).


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7 Responses to More Kitty Pics

  1. j

    🙂 🙂 🙂
    You may just turn me into a Cattist yet, with this one.

  2. Tira Misu

    I think I’m gonna go buy tickets to visit you now.. Lol. She’s too adorable for words. ^^

  3. jo

    😀 aw… She’s so cute! 😀

  4. Well everyone loves animals that are smaller than they’re meant to be.
    Nada Zero is no exception, she’s so CUTE!
    What’s that you’ve tagged her with?

  5. The blue thing is her council-mandated registration tag.
    The metal disc is an optional extra I ordered at the same time with her name, address and my phone number engraved on it.
    And there’s also a little bell which came with her collar.

  6. Council-mandated registration tag?
    Do you have one too?
    Is big brother watching over Melbourne?

  7. >Council-mandated registration tag?
    Yes. It matches her council-mandated subcutaneous microchip (serious).
    >Do you have one too?
    Outrageously, no. I’ve a tax file number, a birth certificate, a passport. But do I get a tag and a microchip? Apparently not. Surely it’s only a matter of time before this grievous inequity is corrected.
    >Is big brother watching over Melbourne?
    *feels warm and secure*

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