Note To Self: You Should Read Fitsy More Often

She’s scenestery and overexposed (in blog terms) – but who cares? She’s still great.


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2 Responses to Note To Self: You Should Read Fitsy More Often

  1. j

    I grew increasingly cross, even without alcohol coursing through my veins and turning me into the kind of screeching harpy best left alone in the corner of a pub dry-humping the pinball machine.
    heh heh heh
    (at least sprayed coffee is easier to clean off one’s monitor than yogurt and bananas.)

  2. teigan

    Yes, the post was funny and artful as always – but then scroll down and witness the effortless grace and steely unflappability with which she deflects a trollcalyptic invasion by a gazillion billion hateful rightwing fuckheads (why be creative, when one word does all you need?) triggered by a link from the evil Tim Blair.
    Viva Fitsy.

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