Announcement: The Purple Turtle Is Closing Down On Saturday

Equals no more dollar pot Tuesdays. This is sad. But all things must pass, I suppose. He sighed philosophically, etc.

The chef was giving everyone Turtle stamps last night as a kind of farewell gesture. If you go in before Saturday you might be able to get one too.


By this device, friends of the Purple Turtle may recognise each other in their time of grief. Until the ink fades, at which point there will be no Purple Turtle to be a friend of anymore.

So it goes.

In other news, I started Uni this week. It’s going good so far.

More Announcements pending.


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7 Responses to Announcement: The Purple Turtle Is Closing Down On Saturday

  1. j

    Death by Chanting Hoardes, ey?

  2. Uni started around me this week. I found myself mumbling ‘students, rubble rubble, bloody students getting in the way, mumble grumble etc’ which marked my official descent into being old. I was just jealous though. More fun being a student than a worker. No wonder I clung to it for seven and a half years.

  3. That’s no turtle.
    It’s probably some sort of a space station.

  4. teigan

    J – I don’t understand it; business seemed to be booming last week – but then last week was O-Week. Comes but once a year. I would hoard the PT if I could. But I’ve nowhere to put it. Let alone chanting hordes of masked, blind drunk 18-year-old chicks. I’d accommodate them all if I could though, honest.
    W – It is! I hope to do the same. (It’s all about you.)
    Ads – You’re right. It’s a stamp of a symbol representing a turtle. It’s a photo of a symbolic ink turtle. Or maybe it’s a space station. But it looks just like the turtle on the sign outside, which is labeled “The Purple Turtle” in clear, unambiguous words.
    It’s phosphors on a screen. It’s light. But what is light really?
    This is not a blog comment. You just think it is.
    Etc, etc, etc; blah blahdy blah.

  5. au revoir joi, bonjour tristesse

    I’d accommodate them all if I could though, honest.
    one at a time or simultaneously, like?

  6. teigan

    Both, if necessary.
    Very accommodating, me.

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