Signs Of The Apocalypse

An occasional series.

Exhibit A: Someone auctioning off their identity wholesale (BYO physical body) on eBay. And not even attempting to call it ‘art’.

The end is nigh.

(Thanks to Wortwut.)

UPDATE – Further links related to this venture: The soon-to-be-offloaded identity’s website and, natch, the soon-to-be-offloaded identity’s MySpace page.


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11 Responses to Signs Of The Apocalypse

  1. Ah – but it is for a documentary – and is a documentary art or social commentary, or both, or neither?
    And as he is endeavouring to take on a new identity he sounds a right royal candidate for the next CEO of that organisation that must not be named….

  2. teigan

    >Ah – but it is for a documentary
    Damn! I missed that bit. Oh well. It’s still funny though.
    >And as he is endeavouring to take on a new
    That’s the best part – he does not appear to be endeavouring to take on a new identity, as such. He’s just gonna, like, head north and become a hermit. Or something like that.
    I find it quite inspiring.

  3. teigan

    Update: That was the original plan. The blog on his MySpace reveals that his new intention is to nomadically Walk The Earth ala Jules from Pulp Fiction, subsisting on barter arrangements.
    I myself have offered him temporary accomodation on the Hagakure futon couch in exchange for washing up (and wisdom).
    I don’t know if his postapocalyptic non-self will be tempted by the offer. But I hope so.

  4. I get the feeling that my life would go for less money than his…
    Which is a shame, because I have such nice hair. Natural black. That would come with the deal, I’d get it wigged and the purchaser would have to wear it.

  5. Awesome. That’s really amusing. One would it’d take more than four weeks to ‘train’ to be another person though. Makes me think of Joe Haldeman’s All My Sins Remembered and the hypnotically transferred personality overlay stuff etc. Seems like it’d be just as temporary, but, it’s still entertaining.

  6. Don’t shortsell yourself Haysh. You’d be surprised.

  7. Nope. But I decided against the existence of someone who is primarily a musician a lonnnng time ago.

  8. Anonymous

    Good lord, Teigan, if you refer people to me I’ll have to start POSTING again … oh the pressure …
    PS I love your blog. Truly rully.
    And that guy – he’s classically Wollongong Uni. In a nice way. I used to write for that Uni paper too, the same one. It’s almost like I’M auctioning off my life in some charmingly anti-consumption gesture.

  9. wortwut

    Hamish, start the bidding…

  10. teigan

    >Good lord, Teigan, if you refer people to me
    >I’ll have to start POSTING again
    That was kind of the idea..

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