Here Is Another Picture Of Lady J

Yes, Kate – you should be nervous. I recommend leg extensions. Also, you never write to me anymore. You think just because you’ve been in a couple of shitty movies you don’t even have to try.

But let’s face it – y’ain’t getting any younger. And quite frankly your silly, pampered Hollywood showponyage is starting to piss me off.

Time to wake up and smell the Red Bull concentrate, woman.

You’ve been supplanted.


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12 Responses to Here Is Another Picture Of Lady J

  1. j

    i really hope she stops stalking me
    (just kidding, kate. good to see you again 😉

  2. teigan

    I wouldn’t worry – you can take her out easy. Silly bitch.

  3. How come it’s tagged with sex?

  4. So THAT’S what sex is…

  5. teigan

    Well somebody had to break it to you.
    *heavy sigh*
    It’s tagged with ‘sex’ because Kate Beckinsale and Lady J are competing with each other to have sex with me.
    The gist of the post was that – at the moment – Lady J is winning.
    NOW do you understand?

  6. Honestly, Adam – for a member of the H419 elite you can be awful slow sometimes

  7. How come none of the Beckinsale posts are tagged with sex?

  8. teigan

    Coz we were trying to keep the whole thing reasonably quiet at that time. She’s married to Len Wiseman, you know.
    Also, I only just thought of inventing the tag.
    Questions, questions!

  9. Avery Cardoza

    As a very wise man once said,
    Jesus creeping christ…
    …and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high-water mark — that place where the wave finally broke and rolled back.

  10. teigan

    Doncha just love those moments..

  11. teigan

    Although having now re-acquainted myself with the quote in context, I’m not quite sure how it fits – His Gonzoness was talking about the end of a golden era!

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