Does Anyone Else Ever Get

That dark, menacing feeling which you just know (because it’s familiar from more overt contexts) means someone you know is hating on you really hardcore – but you can’t for the life of you figure out who it is, or why?

I have that right now.

Who are you, and what did I do?

Spill it.


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6 Responses to Does Anyone Else Ever Get

  1. Nope,
    Kids, this is why you shouldn’t smoke.

  2. teigan

    Zing! Man, you shore got me
    It’s true: marijoohana causes magical thinking
    It’s terribly sexy and dangerous; keep away from it children

  3. They’re probably a cunt, anyway.
    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you magnificent bastard. xo xo

  4. teigan

    >They’re probably a cunt, anyway.
    Good guess. What were the odds..

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