Adam Got Hacked!

Cunts messed with his template and his archives – and deleted Hagakure 419. Cunts!

Life just keeps dropping the bombs this week. First there was that whole freakish untimely death of Steve Irwin thing.. now this.


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7 Responses to Adam Got Hacked!

  1. I don’t see my blog being offered a state funeral though, do you?

  2. they also got to Ryudo from my blog list:
    a couple days ago it was spouting messages from Turkey about terrorism and claiming it had been hacked with bad allah-music pumping.
    what’s going on?

  3. teigan

    >I don’t see my blog being offered a state funeral though, do
    That’s the harsh price you pay for failing to use your public profile to suck up to the government at every opportunity like a stupid fuckwad, as is the duty of all right-thinking celebrities in a time of war
    >what’s going on?
    I don’t know – I remember when the interweb was a friendly place; a place where you could leave your door unlocked etc
    “I’ve lost my Blogger password!” “Here, take mine, stranger.” Those were the days.
    Now it’s become overrun by scoundrels and blaggarts.
    Sad really.

  4. ~

    let them have thier say

  5. teigan

    Let who have their say?

  6. I think someones playing games 😐

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