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  1. Magnus

    Good news!

  2. j

    thanks for the update

  3. R:
    >I have my doubts.
    I was afraid of eliciting that reaction. I thought long and hard about it. “Will saying that Tei– er, that *I’m* not dead just reconfirm the suspicion that he.. which is to say I.. am? Will denial be perceived to mask admission? Doth the lady protest too much? Is anyone actually reading anymore anyway?”
    I still be here. Honest. The rumour that Teigan has been killed and that forces sympathetic to N******m have taken control of his putrefying corpse for the purposes of posthumously destroying his public legacy are complete fabrication.
    No, really.
    Would I lie?
    >thanks for the update
    You’re so welcome!
    >Good news!
    Is that the Magnus I think it is?
    Hello! In any case.

  4. April fools?
    Opposite day?
    I knew you were a zombie…

  5. Well, that’s me told.
    I am dead and yet still alive.. like Leonard Cohen

  6. Magnus Reftel

    I can’t say whether I’m the Magnus you think I am as I don’t know what Magnus you do think I am. However, I think I am the Magnus I think I am.
    Err… I think that was a “yes” in there somewhere =)

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