Greetings From The 10th Circle

It’s all about the stats today.

I can’t believe the Fields is still pulling nearly 100 hits per diem, despite being almost completely dormant – whilst the writhing hotbed of horror and degradation that is H419 struggles to scrape the 60 mark.

TF’s linked from a lot more places, I guess.

It’ll all come good.

Thanks for visiting! You’re helping to keep the dream alive.

That is all. For now.


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4 Responses to Greetings From The 10th Circle

  1. Anonymous

    were all waiting for another brilliant cam expose.

  2. Try reading the first (and only) one again.
    Actually you can’t; I took it down. The Black Report remains online though.
    If you would like to use it as a template for starting your own mysterious secret organization, you have my blessing. All I ask is that you say a prayer for the unfortunate Mr Black.
    If you have a psychic death wish, Robin Hely may be contacted thusly. Tell him I said hi. Ask him how the documentary’s coming along.
    That is all.

  3. Anonymous

    whats his doco on?

  4. Anonymous

    they seem to be the medium of choice at the moment.

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