The face of evil


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  1. Li

    Listen to me.
    Whatever you do, don’t feed him after midnight.

  2. What an awesome dog. If I took a picture of mine, it would be of him eating the salad you left on the floor.

  3. > eating the salad you left on the floor.
    Well, see – that’s the ‘before’ pic I failed to get.
    This is the ‘after’ shot. It was relatively easy to get. He stood there panting like an idiot for literally about five minutes after eating half my dinner. Seemed really fucking proud of himself. I got about a million test shots.
    Note the evil glimmering in his eyes (some might say it’s reflected camera flash, but we know the truth).

  4. That’s my favourite cup.

  5. I should mail it back to you really.

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