The Neuroboard Is Down

For some unknown reason. And the NCI disclaimer has changed in response to certain rumours.

UPDATE – Neuroboard proprietor Simon Moon’s statement is acknowledged.


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7 Responses to The Neuroboard Is Down

  1. Nada

    I don’t think that was supposed to be funny…
    But that just cracked me up.
    Neurocam seems to have like some hidden sense of humor.

  2. Neurocam has a lovely sense of humour but it is often very subtle – why is this funny?

  3. “s0ss and kybalion are not iducted operatives of neurocam international”
    what’s an ‘iducted’ operative?
    Neurocam is not a spellchecker
    Also, it’s probably not important, but the last line: “neurocam is not what you expect” has lost the word ‘probably’.

  4. IIRC, it used to finish with “Neurocam is probably not what you think it is.”
    “Neurocam is not what you expect” was the single disclaimer up before the meltdown.
    What am I? I’m a Neurogeek.

  5. My statement is on my livejournal.

  6. I bow to your superior geekiness (at least on this subject). And it seems they’ve corrected the spelling error too.

  7. just more proof that I am an ass and Neurocam has been right all along…
    …just once couldn’t it be something I expected?
    I’ll be quite now and go back into the darkness…

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