I’m Sort Of Watching

The original Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory on tv.

I never realised how good it was. It’s really good. I will have to watch it again.


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  1. Much much better than the new one. Tim Burton erred in Johnny Depp. Marilyn Manson would have been way better.

  2. Li

    The new one is a major dissapointment. I too watched the old one tonight. I love how in the chocolate room, behind all the props, you can see the windows that obviously belong to some shitty warehouse.
    I can’t understand the how the new one was so shite. Johnny Depps’ Wonka is a rediculous dissapointment. Not only that, but Burton took out everything about the movie that made it good. The scene where Charlie finds the golden ticket is embarrasingly abysmal. All the points in the film that are pertinent to the development of the story at skimmed over.
    Not even Fizzy Lifting Drink made it in!!
    Wonka isn’t supposed to be a pathetic figure; he’s supposed to be a leader! This is what Marilyn Manson understood, although I doubt he could have pulled off the role.

  3. I haven’t seen the Burton version and I won’t be rushing out. That Depp would even contemplate working with Burton again after the abortion of ‘Sleepy Hollow’ rang my alarm bells.
    Burton is an interesting director but he’s very hit and miss.
    The influence of the Gene Wilder Wonka on Manson’s persona is clearly profound. But I’ve no idea if he could have pulled off the role.
    His acting abilies are kind of an unknown quantity, but I’d venture they’re pretty good. Depp himself said, when the movie was still casting: “I’d go and see Manson as Wonka.. I’d go see him in anything.”

  4. two things:
    thing one: The Burton One is amazing and lovely and awesome and I can’t wait to see it again.
    thing two: come back soon teigs, we miss you! xo

  5. I’m with Desci.
    I saw the new one today, and yes it was slick and hollywoody, but it was a lot of fun.
    Depp was in his top freakishness form – much more Edward Scissorhands than Sleepy Hollow. Deep Roy as all the oompah loompahs pulled off some great musical numbers. The new Veruca Salt was just as salty as the old.
    And when you DO go, watch for the 2001 homage – it had me in tears of laughter.

  6. AG – I expect I will see it sooner or later.
    Desci – thanks. I am going to try & average a post every 2-3 days for the next little while. Be warned that a number may be spam advisory bulletins, because I think these are wonderful. And so easy!
    You liked the Hitchhikers movie, so your taste in movies is a bit suss btw 😛

  7. anon

    Poppycock. My taste in movies is FLAWLESS, so says I.

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