Further Thoughts On The Illusory Nature of Everything

My sis once asked me if I believed in the past.

(We were, naturally, extremely stoned as was the style at the time.)

I thought about it for a bit and said “no”, because of course the past does not Really Exist. Have you ever been there? No. It is a mental construct. It’s something you think about. It is not Real.

“Do you believe in the future?”

And again I replied “no”, on the same basis.

She smiled.

“There’s no time…” she said, exhaling gently and significantly. “Like the present.”

And in that moment the very fabric of reality split open and fell clean away, for I could clearly see that she was perfectly correct.

And I did.

Best present ever.


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3 Responses to Further Thoughts On The Illusory Nature of Everything

  1. Li

    A word that I think should be scrapped from the English language is, “invest”. As long as the that word exists, the theory that only the present exists is defunct in our collective consciousness. The problem being, that to invest is pro survival. To only see the now is anti survival.
    If there was only “The Now”, buy now, pay later wouldn’t work.
    In fact, Islamic banking attempts to rectify this, but only does so with slight of hand.
    There is however, nothing more beautiful than truly experiencing the now. It’s heaven. I too think it makes a great present.

  2. People have the potential to be much more mind-altering than any drug.
    The illusion of time is necessary for survival under our current arrangements. This will surely be rectified by evolution though.
    Y’know, in time.

  3. >There is however, nothing more beautiful than truly
    >experiencing the now. It’s heaven
    It is. I do actually believe in heaven. I think if you die without getting there, though, you’ve probably missed your shot.

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