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From: Li Han, Blog Boy From Space
To: Trysting Fields Central Communications
Sent: Friday, September 09, 2005 12:52 PM
Subject: Re: Young cocks deep inside worn out pussies!

>>>I mirror your own question, who the fuck writes this shit?
>>No doubt malaysian children in a dungeon sweatshop being paid
>>2 cents an hour and whipped if they don’t meet their quotas.
>>Either that or a crack squad of dadaist poets working round the
>>clock from a secret bunker deep within the bowels of the earth.
>>One or the other.
>My vote it’s Peter Costello. That guy appears to have an extremely
>dark shadow to deal with. I suspect this is his way of reaching out to
>the world. That man is one sick puppy.


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  1. Are you stil on about your junkmail?
    I’m going to send you some junkmail.

  2. That’ll teach me.
    I have been fwding spam to Li, actually. I hope he appreciates it.

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