Two Over fifty die in London terror blasts

Now Britain have even more reason to be at war with it. Terror, that is.

Oh dear.

I want a sidebar ticker that keeps track of the number of people killed as a result of recent international terrorism in Australia, the UK and America, and the number of civilians killed as a result of coalition activities in Afghanistan, Iraq, and whoever else “we’re” attacking this week.

That’s what I want.


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3 Responses to Two Over fifty die in London terror blasts

  1. I think the figure is now closer to 40.
    A war against terror indeed… we’ll see.

  2. 38 confirmed and hundereds injured.
    Taygun, undoubtably the coalition troops have killed far more than 38 but I dont agree with that either. It doesnt justify a comparison. Yes, the troops should be withdrawn. No, there should never have been a war. Yes, The world is better of without Sadam. No, terrorism isn’t the answer.
    If you ask me.

  3. I’m certainly not seeking to belittle what’s happened in London which is obviously absolutely terrible, but I think it is appropriate to draw attention to how many casualties either side has incurred in this entirely specious ‘conflict’.
    I’ve also no interest in getting into an argument about Iraq. But I certainly do not think said invasion has made the world even the slightest bit more secure. And it’s now fairly well established that Hussein didn’t have the means to seriously threaten any of the countries who participated in getting rid him.
    I strongly doubt that most Iraqis feel they are better off nowadays.
    I entirely agree that terrorism isn’t an answer to anything.. but although I hate to quote Noam Chompsky, if you wanna reduce international terrorism, there’s a really easy way: stop participating in it!

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