I Can’t Keep Up This Frenetic Pace

I hosted a combined dinner party/book burning on Thursday night. I went out to the movies on Friday night. I spent all day at work fighting vigorously with baby sis via SMS and I’ve just been out trawling Brunswick St and drowning my sorrows with my cousin. Tomorrow night I’m doing things as yet unknown with Ben the punk rock librarian, who is down for a visit.

Then on Wednesday, there’s looking to be The Neurocouncil.

I feel like Tript. The local chapter of the Recluse Society (oxymoron?) is going to be calling for my resignation at this rate.

It’s good!

Exhausting, though.

PS I am becoming addicted to the Missy Higgins album. Is that wrong?


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3 Responses to I Can’t Keep Up This Frenetic Pace

  1. SO wrong. Missy Higgins SUCKS. 😛

  2. Thought it might be.
    Thanks for clearing that up.
    What should I listen to instead?

  3. She is very bland, isn’t she?
    She is beginning to irritate me now.
    I think Scottish power-violence may be the answer.

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