Audio Message From Lady J!! (452kb MP3)

I’m so proud.

I would normally keep such a thing out of the public sphere, but she posted mine.


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17 Responses to Audio Message From Lady J!! (452kb MP3)

  1. My face is so red right now.
    I told you I hate my voice!
    (You’re just trying to steal my biometric data, aren’t you? Curse you, my security clearance is destroyed!)

  2. G’day.
    American accents are funny. Mate.

  3. No, American accents are ugly.
    You can say it, really. We know.

  4. Like quite a lot of people in the non-American English speaking world I find them a bit overexposed and as such a tad annoying but speaking as objectively as one can on such a matter I don’t think they’re much uglier than Australian ones.

  5. I don’t understand it J – I get comments on my accent all the time down here, and they’re almost unanimously positive. And I grew up in Boston of all places!
    People are weird.

  6. Yeah, but you said you were from the Burlington area… and that’s not all that bad of a Boston accent.
    I could see if you were from Mehfed, Wahtahtown, Rehveah, or Nuh Bedfed or something… 😉

  7. Burlington is Metro West, isn’t it? That area has always been mystery to this South Shore girl. Hell, I didn’t even know there was a name for it until one of my college friends from PA became a transplant in that area.
    The South Shore accent isn’t too pretty, itself. But I’ve managed to mostly shake it.
    Teigan, you and Tript have very different accents. Did you grow up in different regions?

  8. You guys wait, an British AudioBlog comes tomorrow. Then you’ll be dazzled!!

  9. No, I think I just watched too much TV as a child.
    Oh and Teigan came from a different state.

  10. The grass is always greener. I cringe whenever I hear that Australian Strine just as I’m sure you do whenever you hear the nasal American twang, Lady J. For the record your accent is way more sexier than Teigan’s. 😉

  11. Uh, not that yours isn’t sexy Teigan.

  12. You’re right Simon. I should be thankful I’m not from rehveah.
    Still, I’ve accepted that my accent is pretty Sehveah.
    I was in the Peace Corps some years ago, and our group of 20 (from all over the states) agreed that I had the strongest accent. And we had a guy everyone called “Kentucky Dave”!
    Oh, and Teigs, don’t let anyone deny you: you’re voice is plenty sexy.

  13. AG – hahaha… nice one, man. 🙂
    Yeah, the accent from the Bean is one of the hardest ones to do too… have you ever seen a movie or a TV show where someone actually got it right?
    Even the people who are from here screw it up.

  14. Cat:
    >You guys wait, an British AudioBlog
    >comes tomorrow. Then you’ll be
    Can’t wait.
    >Oh and Teigan came from a different
    An entirely different one.
    (Actually, I come from another planet.)

  15. okay, so i broke my PC. Maybe no audioblog today

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