Voicemail From Baby Sis (332kb mp3)

Received in the early hours of this morning.


(I think she resents her moniker, though.)


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2 Responses to Voicemail From Baby Sis (332kb mp3)

  1. That’s the stuff… If you can’t have photos just answer your phone less and steal sound bites from your friends and family… That ought to keep the masses entertained. ; )

  2. The masses aren’t what they once were, y’know – hits have dropped right off again. Suspect the lack of photos has something to do with it. They make for a much more colourful viewing experience. Partly also that the neurokids have realised I ain’t giving too much away, maybe.
    Needless to say I was sound asleep when that call came in. Typical babysis.. “[Slurs drunkenly] Hi, just wanted to have a chat.. Time? What’s that?”
    I’m just playin Toots, you know etc.
    What are family for if not to exploit for bloggage purposes?
    I do not, of course, have any friends.

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