The Descmeister told me to get a Tamagotchi, so that hers would have a friend to make the hot infrared interfaceage with. Naturally, I complied.

My first hatchling, Blort, was born on Sunday at about 11am. Rather heartlessly, I terminated him in the evening because I decided I’d warped him too much by not knowing what I was doing. (NB If more parents adopted this strategy in real life, the world would be a better place.) Besides, I really wanted a girl.

Blort’s successor, Zooey, was born shortly afterwards. She seems to be doing well.

Zooey egg Zooey baby
Birth of Zooey the Tamagotchi

Zooey age 2
Zooey, age 2


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7 Responses to Tamagotchi

  1. anon

    Eee! Her and Zondu can play together! (and then, if one thing leads to another… seriously, read the instructions, I think they can.. er, make more little tamagotchis! WRONG) Bring her next blogbang!
    – Desci on Boyfriend’s pc xo

  2. My tamagotchis are hotter than yours.

  3. Zooey’s only a wee one. She’ll be hot when she grows up tho’.
    How many have you got?!
    Desci – when’s the next blogbang, then? (Blogbang, tambang.. whatever..)

  4. I named one of my tamas Zooey before. 😀 No tama in tama land will ever be hotter than my Zooey. :p
    I have 2 of the older versions of the tamagotchi that still work, and 3 whos batteries I can’t find in stores any more and I have 6 of the tamagotchi connections.
    I’m starting to run out of names. D: Any suggestions?

  5. anon

    I think one’s in the works for july? hm… soon, i hope 😉
    – Desci

  6. >I named one of my tamas Zooey before.
    Oh I *so* don’t believe you! Really? Was yours named after Zooey Deschanel, too? Or some other Zooey? Or no other Zooey?
    I have an old 1998 model one somewhere. I was able to get a new battery for it about three years ago, but possibly not anymore. I don’t like the design of these new ones much, but they’re way cooler. Zooey sang just now. I had no idea she could do that. Opened her mouth and pictures of semiquavers came out. Didn’t see it coming. I’m so proud of her.
    >I’m starting to run out of names. D: Any suggestions?
    Probably none you haven’t already thought of.

  7. July, eh? Have to watch out for it. We’re trying to get a Neuroblogbang of our very own happening, but I’m thinking it may be doomed.
    What does this say about us as Neurocam operatives? We’re such a force to be reckoned with that we can’t even organise to go and get drunk somewhere?
    Being a secret society and all, we should really be doing it in secret. Especially since I have a nasty feeling management may not actually be too keen on the idea.

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