Sam Placed On Bed: Freaks Out

I put Sam up on the bed last night, partly because I am secretly sexually attracted to him and partly due to a childish desire to do things that will piss my sister off without her knowing about it whilst she is away.

Sam on bed 1

It really upset him. He just didn’t know what the hell to think.

Sam on bed 2 Sam on bed 3

Sorry Sammy.

Sam on bed looking mournful


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6 Responses to Sam Placed On Bed: Freaks Out

  1. Is this what you resort to when you cna’t get pot? Shame, shame.

  2. 😀 That dog is so very cute!

  3. I think you should straighten his hair.

  4. anon

    That dog is so cute, my face just melted off. Puppy!

  5. Anonymous

    er, the above was Desci, if you haven’t already guessed. xo

  6. Bob – Yes. End this madness!
    He’s actually really old, not a puppy at all. But he is indeed quite adorable. When I take him for walks, always at least one person remarks on what a handsome specimen he is.

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