Now I Will Tell You

A certain someone – who is not human either – has made me a mix CD. It is called “dogwHistlinG in the dArk” and it is too perfect. (Very naff in parts, but perfectly so.)

I have taught you well, he said, with characteristically insufferable arrogance, arching his fingers in a villainous fashion.

Thank you so much.

It’s obviously been compiled with your correspondent in mind, but because it’s very accomplished so great and because I’m so proud, I can’t resist sharing.

Anyone who fancies a copy: don’t ask why, just ask.


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6 Responses to Now I Will Tell You

  1. Do share! I’m a curious one. You know my adress, of course you do.

  2. Me me! send me one! : )

  3. I assume you own the license to play, copy, sell, and publicly distribute the works on that mix CD?

  4. Will you be joining us in the 21st century anytime soon, my friend?
    I do, though. Only valid in the Republic of Teig, but I will be happy to make citizens of any recipients.

  5. if yr happy and u know it clap yr hands!
    if yr happy and u know it clap yr hands!
    glad u like it.. thought u might.
    u little SLUT
    *snaps fingers*
    ~ disappears ~

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