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I have decided that people are not paying enough attention to Deadsoybean. Also, Reanimator has a personal blog, which is pretty cool. He has a bonsai. I like bonsais. They’re good.


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  1. Anonymous

    I’ve never been able to blog this early in the morning. Even comments are a struggle, but it’s either this or work.

  2. Li

    And I choose this.
    (woops, forgot to log in before)

  3. On the very same day that I enable anonymous commenting. Literally minutes afterwards, in fact. I’m not sure if this bodes good or ill..

  4. Thanks for the err… pimpage. Sorry I wont get into a big link-bar and return the favour like many Neurocam ops, but I can’t keep up with all the operatives. I liked the idea of the Wiki having The List of operatives, and all of us referring to that. Wiki is out of order for the time being though.
    Careful about Neurocam ops reading my personal stuff! Do I have to go through all my personal pics and place black ‘censored’ bands over my eyes to conceal my identity?
    In addition to the juniper, I’m also teaching a small Chinese elm. In about 6 years or so, it will appear as if it is clinging to a rock.

  5. Oh lookit, it’s me up there. Yippie for blog pimpage! :DD
    I like bonsais but would never get one because caring for them is blaaah.

  6. >Careful about Neurocam ops reading my personal stuff!
    Ah, well, if you put it up there, that’ll happen.
    I’m with Nada – I think they’re lovely but I would never have the patience to ‘teach’ one..

  7. Bonsais are nothing but pain! My one (Tentative Edvard) HATES me. It’s constantly on the brink of death. Sigh.

  8. I like the tentative balance you have to create. It can be quite an art, yet also very simple science – much like an energy equation.
    Just keep it watered and your plant should be fine, even in Australia, which is not the natural place for my temperate trees and much drier than their natural habitat.

  9. Perhaps Edvard resents his name, rather excellent as it is.
    Is this whole tentativity thing an established bonsai theme, or did you just intuit that he’d be of a tentative sort of temperament?

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