Constance.. her wish, apparently.

And the day after I put my old, ‘Cam-only blog to bed on the basis that Neuroblogging is dead in the water, she comes out with this.

Be afraid.

You know, in a good way.


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10 Responses to Constance..

  1. You’re one of the big boys, look how high profile you are.
    …Trysting could be asked!

  2. Woo, Xane and I are famous!
    Come on, ask me, neurobies – ask me about the time I went to 596 St Kilda Road. It’s a long and interesting story..

  3. Citizen 101

    Sigh, all I did was notice that the apartment complex was University of Melbourne student housing, and that you lived in St. Kilda and you’re a student. Seems like a logical question to ask. You won’t be seeing anymore of me anyway, sheesh.

  4. Aw, please don’t be like that. Like I said at unfiction, I recognise I was being a git and I apologise. Bad habit of mine. Props to the Cat for calling me on it.
    Having been doing this for five months now I was just amused at seeing that people are still persuing lines of enquiry I and others milked dry ages and ages ago.. and implicating me in them.
    But I’d hate to discourage anyone from taking an interest in the Cam.

  5. Trysting and Xane… love it.
    Then you get an apology for getting that names wrong…
    humph… 😉

  6. Citizen… I remember going by an alias like that once, Tript? remember that? getting an email from one Concerned_citizen@…?
    I wonder if you kept it… 😉

  7. e hee hee! You’re such a bitch, Teigs! 😀 Love it.

  8. Citizen 101

    I knew xade was xade. That was just a subconscious slip. I have no excuse for Trysting. When I looked at the blog I immediately thought it was his name. Seemed like it. *poof*

  9. It’s all good, man.

  10. Citizen 101

    Cool, no hard feelings here. My Cam application just got rejected… I did not meet the criteria. Perhaps it’s because I live in a small town. Haha, fuck this.

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