Neurocam Assignment NTC-5781/01


Charlie loves me after all.

To: Neurocam Operations Division
From: Teigan
Date: 2 April 2005 8:07:37 PM

Charles –

Am I correct in assuming that, despite advising of my availability on the 5th and 6th of April as requested, I have not been chosen to participate in the associated assignment, as advertised at

Operative Teigan


To: Teigan
From: Neurocam Operations Division
Date: 3 April 2005 12:04:36 PM

Dear Operative Teigan

Our records show that you have indeed been selected for this assignment. Perhaps it was filtered by your email package? Can you please confirm receipt of this email.

Here it is again:



Charles Hastings
Head, Operations Division
Neurocam International

And I’ve scored a comment from the scary but ever-engaging Desci. W0Ot!

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