City of the Damned

Here (4MB mp3) is a cover version of a song by The Gothic Archies called “City of the Damned” which I recorded last year and have just now gotten around to mixing properly. Well… to mixing, anyway.

Dedicated to Li – despite anticipating that, as someone who’s actually studied sound recording, his only reaction is likely to be one of abject horror.


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  1. Li

    I don’t have my computer set up properly at the moment due to a move, but when I do, i’ll download this track and snootily tell you everything that’s wrong with it. I will then give you advice before realising that I’m just wasting my time on you. I will then put on my silver jacket, tie back my ponytail, light a cigarette, and ponder the hits of Whitney Houston, a la, Patrick Bateman.

  2. Look forward to it. I think..
    I’m rather pleased with this myself, although I’m sure from a technical perspective it’s a sick joke. Not that I would know.
    I have a few other things in various stages of incompletion but I need to get a mic really. I lost my old one. And some kind of preamping device. The vocals and geetars on this were amped by running them to the ‘puter via a dictaphone.
    Nuff said.

  3. This Patrick Bateman fixation worries me though. His taste in music was abysmal.

  4. Li

    Worries you? NO, no… he liked Genesis *after* Peter Gabriel left. It was all about Feel Collins. Before that it was *way* too artsy!

  5. What is it about ol’ Feel that makes him so appealing to fictional psychos?

  6. Li

    Obviously it’s his consumate professionalism.

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