So I want to start watching more movies. I like movies. Before the weight of the world crushed my spirit, I was going to be a film director when I grew up. I studied cinema for a year at ANU in 2000, and subsequently for four weeks during my recent aborted BA attempt at Melbourne Uni.

Saw Alexander Payne’s Election the other night; it wasn’t as good as I remembered, but I still liked it a lot. Just arranged to go and see his recent Sideways at the Nova on Saturday.

Been thinking about joining Bigpond Movies, which is a local version of Netflix. I like the idea of racking up everything you want to see via a web interface and then having it come to you, rather than just browsing arbitrarily at a video store.

Before that though, there are a couple of movies ripped from borrowed DVDs sitting on my hard disk to be watched: The Hunger, which was my primary school best friend Toby’s favourite movie; and Alexandra’s Project by Rolf de Heer, the amazing Australian director who made Bad Boy Bubby, The Quiet Room and The Tracker, amongst others.

There’s also a video, which has been gathering dust by the teev for a while now, of Harmony Korine‘s dogme effort Julien Donkey Boy. It was never released in this country but I was able to buy it in cruddy pirated form late last year from Polyester in Carlton. Korine’s first feature Gummo is an all-time favourite; I think I’ve been putting off watching JDB because I just know it’s not going to be nearly as good.

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