First Day Of Spring, Motherfuckers

And you can feel it in the air.


This week has been mostly about the cleaning.

Kitchen shit in living room Ajax & furniture polish

Oven dial

I tried unsuccessfully to buy a cat yesterday. But when I woke up this morning, one was wandering around the house anyway. It must have scaled the garden wall and got in through the back door, which I forgot to secure last night.

Mystery cat 1

It was not particularly inclined to be photographed.

Mystery cat 2 Mystery cat 3 Mystery cat 4 Mystery cat 5


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3 Responses to First Day Of Spring, Motherfuckers

  1. j

    Fall is in the air here already; has been for about two weeks. Quit stealing the covers, Australia!

  2. jo

    aw… we used to have a random cat. I called him mark and fed him. mmm… mark. fluffy.

  3. ~

    >It was not particularly inclined to be >photographed.
    you promised you wouldn’t post any pictures of ME!

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