There’s Something About Nitrous Oxide

The IGA down the road just started stocking those whipped cream soda bulbs with NO in them, and there’s something about it which really pulls everything into focus.

That glorious trembling-on-the-edge-of-the-abyss moment when you suddenly Understand. Y’know? You understand everything. And it’s so beautiful. And then you fall..



And then you wake up.

And there’s all these people swirling around.. my Mum.. baby sis (the original Toots).. everyone I’ve ever had sex with is in there. Mite & Firedrake are in there.. Lady J.. the accursed Mr Henley.

So many people, swirling around. Are any of them even real? Or am I just imagining them? Is there a difference? What a ridiculous question. But beautifully so.

But it isn’t the afterglow.. it’s the moment.. that moment when you see through infinite worlds and you swoon and bite your lip and it’s a beautiful gesture and it’s perfect and.. ahh.. the beautiful language-crucifying perfection of it all. And simultaneously there’s this ahh.. and you feel pain and taste blood and the ahh is actually nasty grinding ouch. And the beautiful flaw that makes the whole cosmic punchline so perfect is actually, you know, quite a serious problem (of course – how could it be otherwise?) and it’s gonna be a lot of work.. and back in the meatshow you’ve just gouged a great big chunk out of your lip and it hurts.

But you gotta laugh, incha.

Without the sour, baby etc


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7 Responses to There’s Something About Nitrous Oxide

  1. Li

    This is my nitrous sucking apparatus. A little dusty, hasn’t been used in a while. Think I may need to make a trip down to the local IGA.

  2. As a poorly recovering everything addict, i have to say that this blog entry is the best sex i’ve had for years.

  3. Li – do it, do it now!
    Toots – You’re too kind. PS Nitrous is better than sex. I don’t know if it would be feasible to do both at the same time, but man… that would be somethin’ else. If you’re ever in the neighbourhood..

  4. I got my bulb dispenser @ freedom furniture. It’s sexy and silver and is truly incongrous with the filthy act. Mmm, bulbs…

  5. Mine is red like Li’s. But a bit sexier looking. I bought it at David Jones in Canberra. Many many years ago now. Perhaps a pic is in order..
    (D, when are you going to start posting some pics? It’s really not difficult, y’know. And the punters go for it. My hits nosedive when things get too textcentric round here. Although maybe that’s just down to the quality of the writing.)

  6. I know, I know… I’m getting to it.
    Actually, you’ve just given me an idea.

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