Ack, Ack

I’ve been rushing around like a mad thing today, then I get in and everything’s gone all crazy-like in virtualworld with the commenting (yay commenting) and the Reanimator getting a funny email and.. other things.

Then I went out to walk the dog and do some shopping.. and locked myself out! And I couldn’t get on to my sister’s friend who has the spare key! And I had to wait outside for 90 minutes in the cold for the locksmith with only random text-messagery to amuse me!

And it’s ten o’clock and I haven’t eaten anything and there’s too much to do! Too much to do! It’s the 29th on Wednesday! Why isn’t anyone more concerned?

Did anyone see what happened to this month? As it went swoooshing by? I think I missed it.

And I still haven’t written to Nada. Or Def. And I DON’T have TIME to be posting this! I must eat food or I shall collapse. Fuck, and I was going to do a load of washing tonight ‘n’all.

*deep breaths*

It’s okay, it’s okay.


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4 Responses to Ack, Ack

  1. This month did go by fast. I think I slept through it all.
    I don’t mind that ya haven’t gotten back to me yet. You must be reeaallly busy if you didn’t even have time to eat all day.

  2. Thanks for your understanding.
    I did eat in the morning..

  3. Def

    Pft. You were posting this before emailing me?!

  4. I know, I know. My priorities are all screwed up. It’s terrible.

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